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Used for both business and personal applications, security as well as compliance of procedures and operating standards.  The use of CCTV acts as a deterrent, reducing incidents of crime and safety violations on the job and creating peace of mind.  We offer the latest in state of the art systems tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Nanny cams are becoming an essential service



This technique is used in preserving evidence in both civil and criminal matters.  Civil matters include matrimonial, child custody, establishing co-habitations and insurance investigations.  Criminal matters include fraudulent insurance cases, employee thefts, drug activity, videotaped statements and confessions. 

The videotaping of wills is another service we offer

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Debugging)

Today with the availability to secure equipment inexpensively it's easy to violate one's privacy for personal or business reasons.  Utilizing the state of the art equipment and the most highly trained technicians, we are able to locate hidden bugs (active and inactive), hidden cameras and GPS units on vehicles.  Our highly trained technicians are government trained and certified in the use of state of the art equipment.      

Peace of mind is of immeasurable value

PC Forensics

Forensics is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions related to a crime or civil action.  We examine your digital media with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting information that may be used in both civil and criminal cases.  We are able to identify, preserve and recover cached data from computer systems and other digital sources.  Our technicians are highly trained computer experts with backgrounds in government service, commercial design as well as high tech applications. 

We offer competitive rates for on and off premise services



The latest and most cost effective investigative aide is the advanced technology offered by the GPS surveillance.  In its many applications  it reduces the amount of surveillance time as well as the risk of exposure at a much lower hourly rate.  Matrimonial cases, child custody, monitoring employee activities including driving habits, verifying deliveries, times of deliveries as well as other daily activities are but a few of the many uses.  Surreptitiously placed on a subject's vehicle and monitored via computer, the GPS replaces what might otherwise be very long and expensive surveillances. 

24 hour monitoring is available

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