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We conduct background investigations for new hire employees, prospective business partners, nannies for your children and prospects for marriage.  With the increase in identity thefts, for personal or business considerations, it pays to know who you are dealing with and to confirm who they purport to be.  Background investigations include county, state and federal criminal history, credit profiles, liens, judgments and civil lawsuits.  Marriage and divorce records, driving history and bank accounts are but a few of the services available.  We can tailor a background investigation to suit your individual needs using state-of-the-art technology and intelligence gathering techniques.  Below are but a few examples of how  a  background investigation could be priceless.

  • Recently a client hired a truck driver and before checking him out, an entire truck load of product valued at 100,000 dollars was reportedly stolen while he was at lunch.  Our background check revealed he was recently paroled from prison for hijacking.

Sadly, they found out too late

  • An international construction company was preparing to hire an engineer in Colorado  they were interviewing for three months.  He would have financial access and signatory authorizations.  He claimed to have a degree from Rennesaler College in Engineering.  Our background revealed he had signed up for a few courses but never completed any and did not have an Engineering degree .  His credit history showed many outstanding liens and judgments. 

Luckily he was not hired

  • A young woman was preparing to marry a man she was dating for two years.  He claimed he was divorced and that they had no children.  Her parents, who were suspicious, retained us to conduct a background investigation.  It revealed that he was divorced but had two children in California but also had open warrants for domestic abuse and child support.

What price for this knowledge

  • One of our clients was preparing to enter into a partnership with an individual with what appeared to be an impeccable resume.  We learned the individual was using more than one social security number.  The impeccable background belonged to a relative, his background was undesirable. 

This saved a million dollar investment

The value of a background investigation could be "priceless"


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